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About Us

Creative Empress is a BRAND and a whole entire experience, whether its from our retail store, to our intuitive services, to helping you find resources to promote your well being!! Never realized it was a brand until I sat and took time to realize all that could be offered to people with a goal to promote personal wellness. I have so many wonderful talents and I kept them hidden from the world, dimming my light because I was afraid of what others thought, limiting myself as a creator. Until I decided NO MORE. So many doors have opened to bring me here and I am grateful for the journey and support along the way. Creative Empress LLC is an explosion of creative passion stemming from multiple forms ready to be poured into the hearts of others. We advocate for the balance and respect for the earth, and the greater good, A safe space to help facilitate the balance of a persons mind, body, and spirit, a healthier eating habit journey, and to remind spirit that love is the one true vibration that heals any nation.


                The Creative Empress